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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tom Starts Writing Another Show. This One's About A Bunch Of Psychos Under House Arrest.

I am going to start work on a new half hour show that I've been meaning to write for some time now. I've mentioned it before:

NOT staring Lindsay Lohan

House Arrested - A show that takes place in a house where all the tenants are sociopathic criminals under house arrest. The show revolves around 6 tenants all stuck in the house together and their parole officer Constable Benjamin Carp.

Simple right? I wanted to create a show that's cheap to shoot, uses one location that's easily controlled and at the same time is entertaining and opens itself up to the possibility for strange and exciting adventures. Fill a house with a bunch of uncontrolable, violent and unstable criminals all forced to live under one roof and you can make a show that's simple to shoot but always entertaining. Think of it as Big Brother meets Trailer Park Boys.

Like I always do, I am just going to dive right in and figure out character descriptions along the way. I just want to get writing this thing that's been stuck in my head for so long.

Here we go. House Arrested. Page 1.

What, you expect me to NOT use these pictures?


Six convicts (one of them a large female) wearing ankle monitors and Officer Carp are seated around the kitchen table. There's a silence, all characters are staring at Jeremy with looks of shock and horror.

As I was saying, despite all of that, Jeremy will be staying with us now and I expect all of you to make him feel welcome and help him learn the rules of the house. Calvin I am putting you in charge of showing him around.

Sorry...how many people did you say he killed?

It was only 6 people.

6 is a lot.

Jeremy openly acknowledges his mistakes but he was a very young child when he committed those terrible crimes. He's lived a whole life since then and he's grown up, he hasn't had a repeat incident. Part of his rehabilitation is to integrate him back into a group setting, that's why he's going to be with us now. Indefinitely.

Sorry, how young was he when he killed six people?


What, was it one person for every year you were alive?

Jeremy laughs to himself.

No. I couldn't kill anyone when I was a baby. I just killed them all at once when I was six.

What the hell? Why?

Someone told me to?

Who? Who told you to kill 6 people?

I don't know. I can only hear his voice, he talks to me inside my head.

You mean he USED to talk to you inside your head, right?

Sometimes he still tries to talk to me and he gets mad at me when I don't listen to him but I don't care. I just ignore him.

What does he say?

He just says things to try to make me angry, that's why I don't listen.

Why does he want to make you angry?

He wants to make me do terrible things.

I don't think Jeremy should be living here.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Killrazor Experiment: An experiment to see if I can get one of the coolest but most obscure characters in comic book history into the mainstream by teaching the internet about him.


I want to introduce you guys to an obscure character from an obscure comic called Codename Strykeforce by Image Comics, he's got the sleekest costume, the coolest power and he never talks. His name is Killrazor and he can punch huge razors out of any part of his body, ANY part of his body. There's no limit to how many Razors he can pop out at a time; so does that make him cooler than Wolverine? Well...it's hard to ignore the math. My point is this...


Yes. He's a ninja. Obviously, and like most ninja's he adheres to a strict code of silence. The man has only ever made a noise once in his life and it was after eating some very spicy food. That's not a joke either, I remember that being specifically stated in one of the issues. He never talks; so now all of a sudden he's like Snake Eyes from GI Joe if Snake Eyes could PUNCH HUGE RAZORS OUT OF ANY PART OF HIS BODY.

Here he is showing you all that he's cooler than this other 'claw' guy named Ripclaw (pffffffttt).

I remember that issue, Ripclaw was trying to impress KR with how long he can make his claws stretch. Without saying a word Killrazor says "F**k your claws" and "You're making as asshole out of yourself".


I'd tell you a lot more about his origin but it wasn't explored in depth, he has a wiki-page you can visit ( http://www.comicvine.com/killrazor/29-21927/) you'll notice it's lacking. He only made a handful of appearances but each one of them gave us picture that hits our eyes like a shot of whiskey hits our mouths.

One other area where he separates himself from Wolverine is that it hurts him to pop his Razors out, each time comes with a painful cost.

Really, what help were the neck Razors with those arrows?

The only thing uglier and more disgusting than his scarred up body is his gingery red hair.

Kill F'N Razor



Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Time a Bully Had Me Cornered In The Washroom and My Ballsy Escape.

So today I am going to re-post an article from a while back, it's one of my favorite life stories.

This story goes all the way back to when I was in grade 2. I am not sure how old that would make me but 6 feels about right, I was a tiny kid, chubby face, happy, unkempt hair, real pick-on-able. The kind of kid that this jackass we called Tommy Toomey loved to target. Tommey Toomey was our class's bully, he was several grades older than us and not very popular amongst kids his own age. He spent his recesses chasing down kids ten times smaller than him like a goddamn Tyrannosaurus and he got his nickname from a movie about kids who can jump into stamps and be transported to wherever/whenever the picture on the stamp is from. It was called 'Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller' and as I look that up just now for the first time in about two decades I am smacked in the face with the fact that I am totally remembering his name wrong. Was it Tommy Tricker that we called him? It must have been. Ok, so anyway Tommy Tricker the little a**hole liked to beat me up.

I haven't seen it in a while but I am pretty sure
the little douche in the shades is Tommy Tricker
That's the set up for the most balsy, bravest, most hardcore thing I've ever done.

One day I found myself in the boys washroom, happily alone and having a pee. I finished up and because even back then I knew it was gross not to; I washed my hands and dried up. Before I could leave; the door opened and I heard the stupid voice of Tommy Tricker coming in, I froze. I didn't have time to hide and I knew the second he saw me he'd come after me. See, earlier in the day he was on top of my friend Mark, beating him up. I ran to the rescue and pushed him off, he promised revenge upon me and now here he was. Standing in front of me; blocking my only exit. He sneered at me and stomped towards me, he couldn't believe his luck. He made sure to let me know just how dead I was. Like...this was happening. I am a little kid, I have a bully coming at me who's about twice the size of me and I have no way out. To get to the door I knew I'd have to go through him; so as I was backing up a plan formed in my 6 year old mind. It's amazing, even as a little kid when your back's up against the wall like that you start thinking tactically. In that moment I was as Batman as I'd ever been and have ever been since.

The doors to the stalls swing outward, I formulated that if I could lure him into place I could grab a hold of the door and shotgun it into his ugly face before he could even react. It was my one shot, I had no chance taking him in a fist fight. AGAIN...I feel the need to point out that these were all actual thoughts I had at that moment. I was 6! I backed up, baiting in Tommy by asking for mercy, and begging him to leave me alone. That's like catnip to a bully, he kept coming. I SPECIFICALLY remember plotting out a plan that involved not looking at the door as I backed up, waiting for it to cross my peripheral vision before I made my move for fear of giving myself away.

Finally Tommy stepped into place, without turning my head I reached for the door. I played my part perfectly, Tommy had no chance to react. That door hit that kid so hard it knocked him right off his feet, I annihilated him. I ran. As I sprung forward the heap on the floor that used to be Tommy Tricker started screaming death threats at me. I could still hear them as I rounded the corner into my classroom to safety. I was 6!

File photo

The best part is that he never did get his revenge, he left school not long after.