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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I would have thought finding an enticing skinny dipping picture to use would be easier than it was. Here's my final 1 minute script.

Exterior - Evening/Night - A secluded little spot at a large pond or lake.

An attractive man and woman are stripping down.

A little night time skinny dipping, this is the best idea I've ever had.

Jodi smiles
How did I talk you into this again?

I thought I talked you into it.


Don't get too excited this is just skinny dipping and you have to turn your head while I get in.

Tyler looks disappointed

Aww I am sorry. 

Alright, am I turning my head all the way around or can I at least have it on this angle where I can just see a TINY little bit in my peripheral but not enough to make anything out?

If you can't make anything out then why do you still want to see?

Have you seen you?

Jodi starts to get undressed, as she's taking off her shorts she looks up.
A full moon. They say that's romantic.

Aren't I lucky.

Tyler turns his head slightly to get a quick look. Jodi sees, she likes it.

We'll find out.

Jodi walks out into the water. Tyler turns around.

Are you going to get your hair wet?

Jodi takes up the challenge unblinkingly and dives down under the water.

Skinny dipping with a sexy woman on a full moon. I'd call that lucky.

Tyler pulls down his shorts, as he bends over he hears a large footstep behind him and the breaking of branches. He shoots back up and it's perfectly still. Frozen.

Jodi comes splashing to the surface.

shhhh...Jodiiiiiiii...is there a bear behind me?

Jodi looks, her eyes widen. The shock on her face doesn't register with Tyler.

Behind Tyler is an enormous man in a mask, he's wearing tattered clothes covered in blood and carrying a huge knife. Tyler doesn't turn around.

Phew...ok, good.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas is about peace, love and family. So here's a story about a violent mugging. Would you step in and save her?

EXTERIOR - Night - A dark city sidewalk/alleyway

A woman in violently pulled into a dark alleyway by a man, he's big and throws her to the ground. She screams as he pulls her deeper into the alleyway and out into a dark abandoned parking lot.



EXTERIOR - Night - A different street

Allan is a meek, nerdy man. He looks like a math teacher and seems slightly unnerved walking through the dark area. As he walks through the quiet, dark street everything seems menacing. He jumps when a cat jumps out from blackened walkway.

Jesus! Oh my god Allan. A cat?

He shakes it off and continues down the street, as he walks into a setting familiar to the audience Allan hears a jarring sound. It sounds almost like a scream and stops him in his tracks but Allan doesn't trust his nerves and shakes it off. He heads past the alley way and around the corner, into the dark abandoned parking lot. He walks across the dark lot to a bike and starts with his combination lock, in the background there's a burst of sudden movement. A woman's body flies violently to the ground.

You bitch!

The woman screams, she's crying; nearly hysterical.

Allan sees the act of horror and recoils, he goes with his first instinct which is to run. He runs to the one hiding place he sees, the alleyway. He runs into the alleyway and stops behind a dumpster, he's shaking with panic due to the sound of violent blows.

I am going to KILL you!

Hidden behind the dumpster Allan can't bear to look, he hears the sound of blow after blow and finally musters up the nerve to make a run for it through the alleyway back to the street. When he reaches the opening he looks around. There's no one, no one to help, no payphones to use, it's completely quiet except for the sounds of the brutality behind him.

Please stop. Nooooo. I have a son.

Allan stops, he turns back to look. The attacker is standing over her, his back to the alleyway, he's totally unaware of Allan's presence. Allan is terrified but the need to act has possessed his body, he inches slowly through the darkness towards the scene; along the way he finds a chunk of cement. He picks it up and makes a decision right there.

(whispers to himself)
Please god.

Allan rushes the attacker with the cement in throwing position, he hurls it as he rushes forward. The attacker hears something and spins around, there's a gunshot, the cement smashes into the attacker's face; shattering his nose into a bloody mess. He falls.

Allan stumbles out of the alley and up to the women.

Are...are...are you ok?

She shakes her head, no. Tears stream down her face.

Do you have a phone.

As Allan starts this sentence there's a small appearance of blood on his chest, the stain grows larger and larger as it leaks out of his body.

The woman finds a phone in the bottom of her purse and holds it up.

Good...call the police.

Allan collapses just as the camera fades to black, leaving the viewer to only guess his fate.


Monday, December 17, 2012

One Minute Short Script About a LOSER.

I disappeared for a while, I don't want to get into why too much but a lot of my writing time has gone towards writing resumes and cover letters (I am employed but I'd like to try something else). It really is a creativity killer. Anyway here's what I am writing now:

Three One Minute Short Films


Jeff is an average man walking down an average city street, he doesn't seem to have a direction or anyplace to go and his pace dictates that he's out for a stroll; just observing the world. He seems almost nervous amongst the crowds as they pass him by and there's a distance between him and those around him, while he see others interacting with each other he seems hesitant to make and real eye contact with anyone. He's depressed.

As he passes by a corner restaurant he sees a woman rush out the front door, his eyes lock to her. He's captivated by her, for a second he wants to call out to her and get her attention in some way but his introverted nature won't allow it. She's rushing anyway and he has no good reason to approach her and strike up a conversation. Deflating; he watches her walk away. As she crosses past him her glove falls out of her pocket and lands on the ground, she doesn't notice. She's actually quite far now, almost across the street. Jeff looks at the glove, normally he would just call out that she dropped something but she's so far away. In order to return her glove would take a big gesture, he'd have to pick it up chase after her and shout her down to get her to stop and turn around. For Jeff that's not something that comes easily. He wants to, he sees the glove and the woman but his nature is still holding him back. He's trying to talk himself into it, there isn't much time left. Jeff in a moment of breakthrough steps outside of himself and steps towards the glove sitting on the street. He's excited. He's really going to go for it for the very first time, he's nervous as he steps towards it and begins to reach for it. He's startled back by the sudden appearance of someone else, some man. The man noticed the dropped glove and came running out of the restaurant after the woman, he strides confidently as he scoops up the glove off the concrete. The man runs across the street with a smile and shouts to this beautiful stranger, displaying the kind of confidence that Jeff can only wish for. She turns to him, Jeff can't hear what they say but her embarrassed smile says more than enough. They laugh, he makes her laugh, Jeff watches. She touches his arm, they laugh, Jeff watches. They walk away down the street together, Jeff watches. Jeff puts his hands back in his pockets, he looks around at the people outside; no one gives any indication that they notice him. Jeff walks away, head down.