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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Still Doin' it

So today I have an exam to study for, over the next couple months I have two whole course loads to read, comprehend and pass in two months. It didn't leave me much time for writing. It's a short one today.


DOPE cont'd

Scene 3

INT – Cabin - Night
Ervin is nursing his wounds, Rooney and Randall are manning the barricades. We can hear the vampires howling outside. Rooney takes notice.
That can't be good. Do you think they're signaling for more to come?

Either that or they can smell our blood and it's driving them into a frenzy.

Well, we're going to die here obviously.

We just have to hold out until daylight Rooney, Randall what time is it.

2am. It's about 4 hours until daybreak.

4 Hours? I think we can make it.
SLAM! The door is hit hard, Rooney flies across the room. Another smash and the door gives way. Several vampires enter the doorway.

Ervin tosses Rooney a piece of wood for a weapon. Just then the window barricade smashes apart and Randall is pulled outside.

He's already DEAD!

Rooney springs out the window. Ervin backs up as 5 vampires stalk him like a pack of wolves.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart no one's reading this fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart.

Also, page 3.


SMASH. A pack of vampires break through the window barricade. One vampire springs into the room.


Randall looks across to see a couple more vampires making their way through the window and springs up to re-enforce the window barricade, pressing his body against the old shelves tipped over against the window keeping out the invading vampires.

The vampire in the room lets out a frightening hiss. Rooney jumps up to stand beside Ervin. At the door a hand pokes through the opening, the vampires threaten to break through in a second, Rooney jumps back to the door and seals it. Ervin on his own has to deal with the vampire.

The vampire pounces on him, Ervin has a death grip on it around it's throat and he's pushing it away from his body; keeping it's fangs just out of reach of his jugular. Rooney and Randall are both spending every bit of their focus keeping the rest of the monsters outside.

Ervin reverses the position with the vampire, he's on top and he begins to ground-and-pound it. The vampire takes a beating but it's incredibly resilient, he screeches at Ervin and mule kicks him across the room. Ervin is slow to get up, in the background we see the vampire pounce at him once again.

Ervin spins around and catches the vamp underneath the armpit and around the head and 'Rock Bottom's him through a nearby table.

The table shatters and Ervin grabs a broken fragment. He reaches to the sky and as the vampire roars he strikes down and stabs it in the heart. The vampire starts to glow.

You did it! He's going to turn into dust now.

Pop. The vampire explodes and his entrails cover the room and all 3 men.

All three men take a beat to spit vampire bits out of their mouths.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


So as I do this I realize that I am probably going to change a LOT of what I end up posting from day to day, I constantly revise my scripts but this format makes that more difficult and confusing for anyone reading. ABSOLUTELY no one reads this though so at the moment it's a non-issue. I could use this as my private diary if I wanted, no one's reading this.

Anyway, in my mind there's not a huge distinction between these vampires and zombies. I don't envision them speaking or wearing nice clothes, to me they're a lot like the bad vampires from Blade 2.

page 2.


INT – Cabin – Night

A small cabin, they guys have barricaded the door with what little furniture they have, Rooney is pressed against the door holding back the vampires trying to get in. Ervin is tending to Randall's wounds.

Can you keep them from getting in that door?

Probably not

You have to, everything we have; we used to barricade the windows.

Maybe if you didn't break the lock...

We had to get in didn't we?

We have to get out, we have to get to the car. Where is it?

I don't know, I totally lost track of it when we started running.

What do we have for weapons.

Oh man, we have our two handed pump action blasters, our ionic poppers, I brought a particle disruptor, some concussion grenades and a bunch of axes.

Quick give me a concussion grenade!

All of that's in the car. I have nothing on me.


What do you have?

Ervin searches his pockets, he finds a lighter.

Ok...let make a torch. Vampires are afraid of fire; right?



SMASH. A pack of vampires breaks through the window barricade.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's Start

So, this is a rough FIRST DRAFT I am starting and I am not overly fussy about formatting or spelling. So shut up.

DOPE Episode 2

Rooney, Ervin and Randall are running through a forest towards a lonely, secluded little cabin. It's in a dilapidated condition, all three men are panicked and show signs of a struggle. Randall is wearing a blood soaked rag around his arm.

Rooney runs right up to the house and slams himself hard against the door, bouncing off and hurting himself, a beat later Ervin smashes through the front door. Rooney runs inside and closes the door behind him. Randall is left outside banging on the door.


Ervin goes for the door.

What are you doing?

We can't just leave him out there, they'll tear him apart.

HE'S ALREADY DEAD! He was bit.

PLEASE! I can hear them.

The sound of a hundred voices moaning and hissing can be heard getting louder and louder, closer and closer.

Ervin opens the door and Randall falls inside. Ervin helps him, takes a look at his arm where he was bit. The bite looks bad.

He have to get this treated immediately, the infection has already started.

You mean we can cure me before I turn into one of them?

The bites are just really gross infections that kill you the same way any infection would. As long as we can get this treated before you get too sick we can stop this. We have to get you to a hospital right now.

If we go outside, we DIE!

If we stay here HE dies.

We need a plan. Now.

How many are there?

Rooney looks out the window of the small cabin, as far as he can see there are zombie-like vampires pouring out of the woods towards the cabin. The sheer number of the vampire force makes Rooney's face go white.
There's lots.

Fade out. Title.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So to start I'll be writing a script for a series called DOPE. The director is interested in backlogging scripts so I am going to write a few and have first drafts of them ready to go. This is most likely going to be used for the web so the scripts will be about...ohhh...15 pages maybe.

Here's the breakdown of what DOPE is.

D.O.P.E. (Department of Paranormal Events). I supposed the best way to
pitch this idea to you is to ask you to picture the world in which the
Ghostbusters movies took place. Those movies took place in the 1980's
and after all the Marshmallow Men, giant walls of slime and walking
Statue's of Liberty it would be hard for anyone in that world to
really doubt the existence of ghosts. If we were to look in on that
world now it's easy to imagine ghostbusting becoming commonplace,
ghostbusters would be as common as exterminators. It would be a job
akin to rodent removal or even the search and removal of toxic mold.
Despite the excitement of it; It would become a low paying,
unglamorous, heavily regulated, low level job for the City's Public
Health Department.

That's the type of world in which this show takes place, ghost removal

is necessary, government funded and blue collar. The Department of
Paranormal Events is a concept that combines comedy and fright and
allows for a broad forum where any number of scenario's can occur. The
show focus's on a team of three characters who are given assignments
by their contemptuous boss where they're to head out to a different
haunted house each week and remove whatever ghost or monster is
causing the problem. At the heart of the show it's a workplace comedy
about three people who are stuck in low paying, thankless jobs where
they're put at risk everyday and the struggle to get through it all
while battling specters, goblins, zombies and poltergeist. It's a show
that will pride itself on big laughs through exciting and thrilling
half hour adventures.

Yup. They have ghost guns called 'Ionic Poppers' that basically make ghosts (and zombies) explode.

APE - That counts as my page.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trying out the Blogger app

Chances are if I am going to keep this up everyday I am going to need to be able to do it on my phone, let's try this. BTW I love the name I got for this blog, APEday. APE!

Ok, so at the moment there are two short scripts I need to get writing.

The first is for an episode of something pre-existing called D.O.P.E.

Department Of Paranormal Events - Rooney, Ervin and Randall are contracted workers for the government run department tasked with paranormal maintenance. They fight ghosts and do paperwork and get paid shitty.

The other is called Untitled Gang Show for now.

When middle class people across the country lose their jobs and their savings; a group of them throw in the towel and decide to start a gang. They aren't savvy, tough, intimidating or smart but they're doing it.

I'll decide which one to start tomorrow and get my pages going.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome to APE.

That stands for "A Page Everyday". I am a screenwriter who needs a kick in the ass in order for me to actually get down to the business of writing so that's what this whole blog is about. I intend to publish one page everyday (at least) of a script and post it on this site. It's a way for me to guarantee that I'll actually get the work done while also dipping my feet into this whole blogging thing.

I don't think anyone will ever want to just read a blog where they get daily fragments of a story so I am also going to jazz up my posts with talk about other things; all topics are fair game.