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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Well I was off for a couple weeks, I was sick AND I had to do some stupid test.

The important thing is that NO ONE missed me because NO ONE reads this...why would they?

Here's my final bit of my story, I did some more revisions that won't show in this blog. Again, this blog is just to get me writing on a more frequent basis, everything else is gravy.


Ervin passes out, when he wakes up he's in a hospital bed. He sees Rooney beside him.

Rooney...you stayed with me.

No, I was just leaving actually. I was here to check on Randall.

How is he?

Better than you actually, he only got bit once.
Rooney turns to leave again

I am heading home, because I was the only one to come out of this without needing a sick leave I am being rewarded with an early, double shift tomorrow.

Sorry man.

Hey Irvin...keep an eye on Randall, check in on him.

He's fine
Rooney is looking into the hall trasfixed on something, he sees a second vision of Randall dead, bloodied and staring back at him

You don't have to worry about him.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A message to the zero people reading this

Well, this next week is going to be really busy up until about Friday. I have a boring, torturous test to study for and I am hating every minute of it.

Also through talking about the big picture of the show I am writing for, some ideas have come to light that need to thread their way through each script. That means huge revisions to what I already wrote.

Back to this awful test, this is a sentence from the book, every sentence is like this, it's arduous.

Convertible preferreds are similar to convertible bonds and debentures because they enable the holder to convert the preferred into some other class of shares (usually common) at a predetermined price and for a stated.....ugggg. F' off.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

So here's my thing...

I am almost finished my first rough run on this, normally I'd go through it all once more and make final changes before anyone saw it (since no one reads this that's pretty much what I am doing anyway). I've already made changes to my script that don't appear in this blog, when I am totally finished I'll post my final first draft.

I am not too crazy about any of what I am about to post today but it's always better to just get something written even if you don't like it. It's a lot easier to revise something than it is to write it from a blank page, there's something about a blank page that saps motivation to write and stifles your thinking process. Get some black on that screen and work from there.


The second vampire springs onto Rooney and digs into him with it's claws, Rooney manages to kick it off of him and the vampire staggers backward and trips over the still prone Randall and falls over the edge of the cliff.

The two men sit for a moment and catch their breath

Voice on the Radio
'Your call is being forwarded to one of our operators, please stand by.'
Hello, please state your name and the nature of your emergency.


This is Randall Edmonds, employee number 5846541-1 I have a government employee in danger and I need assistance immediately. Listen carefully, I need you to access vehicle registration number G5EDD43 and do a manual override. I want you to set off it's alarm system for me. NOW.

Voice on the Radio

One moment. I see this vehicle was signed out by Rooney Rodman, I will have to fill out a 'failure of care' form which I will need him to sign, a 'failure of care' report will remain on record for 6 months.

Sorry to add to your file Rooney


sigh...just do it.

The sound of an alarm screams, the two sit up quickly. The car is close by.


Ervin is in a deadly fight with the remaining 5 vampires, he's not doing well. The vampires surround him, he's badly hurt but still swinging. The blood that's pouring out of him is driving the vampires into a frenzy like a pack of hungry sharks, they fight over him which allows him a moment's distraction. He readies his piece of shattered wood behind his back.

The largest vampire wins the battle of dominance and the right to eat Ervin, Ervin is on his knees and has almost nothing left, the vampire grabs him by the throat and gets nose to nose with him. He senses Ervin is resigned to his fate and goes in for the kill.

Ervin grabs the vamps by the back of the head and pulls him closer, in one swift motion he plunges the stake upwards into the vampire's chest. It lets out an agonized howl and explodes.

Ervin falls back, the other vampires are excited and all move on him.

The room lights up, the vampires cringe. It's not the sun, it's headlights from a car. The headlights illuminate the two figures standing in front, silhouetted from the light.

They're strapped from head to toe, literally covered in guns and weaponry. Ervin raises his head with the last of his energy, and looks up at them. The guns charge up with a high pitched hum.

Ervin we've got doctors on standby, don't move. Rooney, 4 targets.



He blasts one which explodes and covers the walls in bright red gore, then does the same with the others.

to be concluded....

Monday, June 4, 2012

Formatting Issues

So I am writing most of this using Office Suite X and it's being a straight BITCH! It links all paragraphs together so if I want one line of dialogue to be center aligned and then want one line of action to be right aligned it's not letting that happen. If I change one it changes the other. If I hit enter a thousand times it doesn't make a different. F'n annoying is what it is.

EXT – the woods – night

Randall is racing through the woods, he can hear that vampires are on his trail. They hear Ervin scream in the background.


He stops. He can hear something rushing towards him, it's too close for him to do anything about. It's about to hit him, he braces.


Rooney bursts through the brush and grabs Randall, the pair sprint. Right behind Rooney are the two vampires. They run downhill, the vampires are bloodthirsty and only paces behind them.

Rooney do see that?

Up ahead is a precipice, a long rigid drop off of a cliff and their running out of real estate as they bound closer and closer to it's edge with the vampires hot on their heels.







Rooney trips Randall who goes tumbling right to the bottom, right to the edge of the cliff. Rooney runs off to the side, out of frame. The two vampires are right on top of him. Randall stumbles to his feet and backs up right to the edge of the cliff, the two vampires are in a frenzy and only feet away.

One leans over Randall and opens it's mouths, Something catches it's eye off camera and it's turn and growls. With the speed of hurdler Rooney comes flying feet first into the vampire with a powerful boot right off the cliff.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Still Rollin'

EXT – Outside the cabin window.

Randall is being dragged away from the cabin by 2 vampires, they drag him a few feet and then turn on him, he kicks and claws at them in an attempt to break their grasp.

Rooney comes bounding out the window with a sharp chunk of wood in his hands. The vampires let Randall go.
Randall, RUN!
Randall takes off into the woods. Rooney stands his ground as they start to stalk closer to him. They're within a few feet, Rooney hunkers down ready or a fight, then looks at the small piece of wood that constitutes his only weapon and his look of confidence fade.
Randall wait UP!

Rooney bursts past the vampires and runs off in the direction that Randall went.

INT – The cabin

The vampires growl and hiss and close in on Ervin, Ervin removes his shirt and gets primal.

Come ON!

The vampires close in on him, three hang back while two of them pounce on him. He kicks one in the chest and sends it flying, the other takes him to the ground. It stands over him animalistically and shows him his fangs. Ervin shoves the lighter in it's mouth and uppercuts it, the lighter explodes inside of it's mouth; lighting on fire.

In an instant the other one is back on top of him and digs it's claws into his chest in a tight grip and pulls him close, as it bites down on his neck; Ervin screams loudly.