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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Well I was off for a couple weeks, I was sick AND I had to do some stupid test.

The important thing is that NO ONE missed me because NO ONE reads this...why would they?

Here's my final bit of my story, I did some more revisions that won't show in this blog. Again, this blog is just to get me writing on a more frequent basis, everything else is gravy.


Ervin passes out, when he wakes up he's in a hospital bed. He sees Rooney beside him.

Rooney...you stayed with me.

No, I was just leaving actually. I was here to check on Randall.

How is he?

Better than you actually, he only got bit once.
Rooney turns to leave again

I am heading home, because I was the only one to come out of this without needing a sick leave I am being rewarded with an early, double shift tomorrow.

Sorry man.

Hey Irvin...keep an eye on Randall, check in on him.

He's fine
Rooney is looking into the hall trasfixed on something, he sees a second vision of Randall dead, bloodied and staring back at him

You don't have to worry about him.

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