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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rooney saves Randal, again.

And back at it:


uggggg...tomorrow's Monday. I am going to be a rage zombie all day at work. Anyway...


INT - Hall - Rooney, Randal and several recruits are racing through the halls. There's an alarm sounding.

Are we going to die?

We're in danger, lets just put it that way.

Rage zombies are particularly violent, they don't just want to bite you. They want to obliterate you, tear apart your flesh and watch you die.

So we are going to die!

No we're not, we have time to make it to the exit before they lock it down.

Why didn't Mr. Johnson come with us?

He thinks this is his fault, he's going to stay to try to help whoever he can. Until we get this contained.

They approach the exit door, it's just beyond two dark intersections; the alarm gets louder and the door starts to close.

RANDAL goes to hold the door open.


The recruits move on the door. As they get closer a Rage zombie bursts forward from the darkness and grabs a recruit.


The zombie is like an attacking chimpanzee with rabies, it pounds and bashes the recruit's skull with closed fists then turns to look at the other recruits. The zombie is between them and the door, they run in the other direction back into the dark basement. The zombie turns towards Rooney, just then the beaten recruit jumps to his feet like a mad dog. He's got the rage.

ROONEY backs up to the door.

Get in here quick

Rooney looks at Randal and then pushes Randal through the door. The door locks. They're locked on opposite sides, Randal on the side of safety and Rooney facing down the two zombies.

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