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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


As of this entry I am officially more than halfway finished my first script.

Douglas and Abby have just started a happy life. Abby loves Douglas, Douglas adores Abby. One day there's a break. A psychotic break. Abby finds a room full of her favorite dolls, all torn apart and molested. Disturbed writing scrawled all over the walls. Douglas won't admit to it, he says Abby is very sick. Abby says Douglas is very sick. She wants him gone, he wants her back.
You can catch up on the whole story by clicking HERE.


Douglas chases the figure out the front door, in the background he can still hear Abigail screaming. Outside of Abigail's house is almost pitch black, once you're away from the houselights there's little illumination. Surrounding her house is a thick wooded area, Douglas sees the figure race into the forest. He follows it into the darkness, he looses is as it whips through the trees and becomes invisible in the night. Douglas stops his pursuit. 

Douglas collects himself and then heads back towards Abby's house, he hesitates for a second. Tempted to make a break for it, he realizes the only way to clear his name is to face the police and explain his side of the story. He's compelled to tell them about Abby's stalker. Douglas starts towards the house. 

Gunshot. The tree beside Douglas's head explodes. Douglas hits the ground on instinct, when he gets up he sees Richard taking aim at him with his shotgun. 

Richard! Put that gun down. I am coming out. 

Richard fires again, this time leaving no doubt that he's aiming to hit Douglas.


I told you I'd kill you if I ever saw you again.

He levels his gun at Douglas, its staring him dead in the eye. Douglas doesn't call Richard's bluff, he runs into the trees. Another blast from behind him sends him to the dirt. Douglas can hear sirens. The lights of the police cars threaten to give away Douglas's position. 

Put down your weapon!

Richards gun is still locked on Douglas's hiding place, he doesn't lower it when ordered. 

Put the gun down NOW!

Richards reluctantly legs go of his shotgun, never once taking his eyes off Douglas. Not until the police tackle him to the ground. Officers approach the edge of the forest, their flashlight piecing though the blackness. Douglas hides against the stump of a tree.

Is anyone there? Come out!

Douglas is conflicted, his primal instinct is to run but he thinks about Abby. He need to tell someone that she's being stalked. Someone is doing all this to her, to them.

Last chance. Come out!

Ok...I am coming out. 

The police train their guns on Douglas as he emerges from the dark forest, he's brought down and handcuffed. On the porch a tearful Abigail watches the police take him and her father away.


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