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Monday, May 20, 2013

Darcy's fiance is missing and she's left alone in the middle of the ocean with a strange creature stalking her broken boat.

Logline: Darcy's fiance is missing and she's left alone in the middle of the ocean with a strange creature stalking her broken boat.

And now here's part two of the horror script I am working on.


Darcy and Cade are seated at the head of a table of well wishers, behind them reads a sign that says "Congratulations Darcy and Cade". At the gathering are Darcy's parents, he mother goes to approach her.

Hunny are you sure about this?

No but I am excited about it. We'll be safe, I told Cade that I want to stay as close to the coastline as we can.

What happens if you get in trouble, you'll be all alone out there?

I WON'T be alone, I'll be with Cade and I trust him. 

Darcy's mom's look of worry doesn't fade but she doesn't want to rain on her daughter's party, Darcy sees her mother's worry and gives her a hug. Elsewhere at the party Darcy's father is grilling Cade comically on his preparations, running down a list of supplies he insists Cade stock for safety. The party guests all profess jealousy and well wishes towards the couple and are even there to see them off the next morning at the docks.

The morning is beautiful, there's a calmness to the ocean and with the sunlight dancing off the water Darcy sees for the first time a piece of the beauty that Cade is so eager to share with her. The two climb aboard the small boat and wave goodbye as the shove off. Together they watch the crowd filter out as they float away. 


It's a beautiful night, the lights of the city are at a distance and the stars in the sky have become more vivid, Darcy can't take her eyes off them. In the distance the sound of a high pitched clicking catches her attention but only for second. Darcy is laid out on a red blanket on the bow of the boat, around her are rose petals and candles which blow and flicker in the wind. Cade comes up from below deck holding a bottle of wine and two glasses.

You did think of everything.

He lays down beside his fiance and stares deeply into her eyes. 

How come you never told me how pretty you look underneath the stars?

I didn't even know half these stars existed. I can't stop staring at them, the sky is so black out here. It feels like there's no more sky, like I am just looking right out into space.

Cade never looks up, he doesn't take his gaze away from her.

Space is pretty

Space IS pretty.

I love you Darcy

Darcy kisses him, the two drop their glasses and get lost in a passionate embrace. The camera pulls away from their intimate moment together, across the black water. The light from the candles still illuminate the ship as the camera pans further and further back across the ocean. Finally the boat is so far away that it's just a small flicker on the water. Loudly and startlingly a loud, amphibian sounding high pitched screech can be heard directly into the camera. The unnerving screech is followed by a watery clicking sound. 

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