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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Darcy Wakes Up Alone and Stranded In The Middle Of the Sea With Something In The Water Stalking Her Boat

Yeah so; change of plans. I wanted to get to work on a romantic comedy but frankly I just wasn't feeling it. I still really want to write one but I haven't come up with something that feels quite right yet, I've been wrecking my brain trying actually. I've decided to stop.

In the meantime I want to actually get a script finished. ACTUALLY finished. Something I can try shopping around just to see what kind of feedback I get. I am going to write the horror movie that I've already conceived, start to finish.

Here's what I wrote previously for reference:


Exterior - A dock

We open with a shot of Cade working on a small boat, the framing is such that the boat is in the lower left hand of the screen with the rest of the frame being the expansive ocean which goes on for unthinkable miles in all directions. Cade is going over a checklist, his boat is very well maintained. He has a bunch of supplies on the deck and he's meticulously maintaining a catalog of everything he brings aboard.

Cade is an avid sailor, his olive tan is a testament to how often he takes his boat out. Cade's practically lived on the water his whole life and he gives his lifestyle credit for his relaxed disposition and sense of calm. This trip mean more to Cade, there's a reason he's taking it so seriously. He's going over the numbers on paper, checking all his instruments and surveying weather patterns. Checking over his own work like and inspector. As he scribbles through the pages of his note book he looks away from the water towards a grassy hill which slopes beautifully along a charming dirt pathway towards the docks. Glimmering in the sun he see's something that changes his whole aura, in that moment everything slows down. In that moment as the sun shimmers off the beautiful blond hair of the petite little woman he called his fiance; in that moment he feel like he has all the time in the world and all he wants to do with it is watch her. He loves that girl.  She sees him looking her way and smiles, like always he gets butterflies in his stomach. The girl goes over the hill and down the pathway, for just a second she seems to lose control of the bike but regains her balance quickly. When she looks up again Cade is laughing to himself. She pulls up beside him and walks right into his arms.

Oh my God I wasn't expecting the dirt to be so loose at the bottom

Darcy. Use your breaks, those things attached to your handles. 

I hate my breaks.

Cade kisses Darcy on the forehead. 

I would have run over there and caught you at the last second y'know.

Awww...I almost believe that.

Darcy looks around at all the work Cade's been putting in. 

Cade, I didn't know you had so much to do. Let  me help you.

Sure. Help me change out this bilge pump and then re-furl the sails.

Darcy looks at him, defeated by her utter lack of understanding any of the terms Cade just threw at her. Cade smiles back at her.

Baby I got this. This was my idea, I've been waiting to take you on this trip since we started dating. I'll make sure I have everything covered, I don't want you to worry about anything. Baby. We're going to sail around the world together.

We're going to be in the middle of the ocean and I've never sailed before. Cade...what happens if a storm hits?

Then we get wet and we keep floating. I've been through some incredible storms Darcy, you won't believe how beautiful the water is after one passes. We'll see rainbows for miles. 

What if a shark attacks us? 
Our boat? Baby, sharks can't hurt our boat. Even if they could I wouldn't let them, I'd punch it to pieces the second he looked at you funny.

Darcy laughs and Cade wraps his arms around her.

Be happy Baby.

As the two lovers embrace the camera pulls back, slowly at first over the water. As the camera pulls away it speeds up and reveals more and more ocean. Soon Darcy and Cade and their little boat are just specks surrounded by water, the endless ocean their about to set sail into.


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