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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Zits are the worst. At this age when you have a pizza face people don't excuse it as puberty or something temporary and forgivable. When you're over the age of 30 and you're walking around with a forehead full of oily, red eyesores people just think you're gross. Like you have some condition that will keep you pimply forever, you may as well dress them up in little tuxedos because the only thing anyone is going to see when they look at you are your zits. Of course that's not entirely true, we all know that pimples usually go away in a few days and there are some really effective medicines out there but when you actually have a monster pimple you have a tendency to over exaggerate how devastating it is to your life.

I am trying to come up with some pieces of 'copy' to use in a copy writing portfolio. Little ad campaign write ups. It occurs to me that I can probably come up with a funny acne cream campaign using the humor found in how over the top people go when they're complaining about having a pimple.

I'll probably expand the idea that zits are the ultimate annoyance and those afflicted with them would give anything for a remedy that actually works. Just look at these real life texts that I sent to my friends this week after discovering that the landscape of my forehead was suddenly very mountainous.

Do you hear that guy? That's a guy who would have paid anything for an acne treatment that would make those little a**holes vanish, giving him his face back.

Getting your face back will be the theme of my advertising message:

"Don't panic. Clearasil® Daily Clear® Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream has an acne-fighting formula strong enough to help you take back your face. Regular and continuous treatments can help defend against breakouts, so you can enjoy clearer skin all day, every day.

Clearasil® Daily Clear® Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream. Defeat the zits!"

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