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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Punisher - Dirty Laundry

My posts are getting really Marvel-y but here's another link for you. It's a Punisher short movie that just came out made by the same lead actor as in the feature film (Thomas Jane).

I love it, it's perfect aside from the fact that JD's isn't flammable and the bottle it's made from isn't shatter proof. It's such a simple little story that has a beginning, a middle, a build up and a satisfying conclusion. They really manage to amp up the tension in a 10 minute short, not easy to do. The soundtrack makes the whole thing.

Let's make a new Punisher movie that's has more of this and less of John Travolta, who I assume was awful as the main bad guy in the first one, I never saw it.

Here's my page...

Alright people, partner up. We're going to go over some of the basic first aid procedures for zombie bites.

The recruits all partner up, the creepy recruit partners up with someone (with Recruit #3), .

Ok, step one: protect yourself. Everyone put on the pair of rubber gloves that you'll all carry on you at all times. Do not let your skin have any contact with the infected area.

The recruits put on their gloves, the creepy recruit is looking worse. He's still going unnoticed for the most part. He's looking angrier and angrier, focused on the unsuspecting Recruit #3 who he's partnered up with.

Now listen to me, step two is to get the infected party restrained quickly with your restraint cords. You don't know how long it will take them before they become a threat to you. A good way to check is to look at the person's eyes, if you see a slight hue of red starting to set in then you have at max 2 minutes to get them locked up and tagged for collection.

The recruits are all handed restraints to practice with. Recruit #3 is goofy and enthusiastic. He looks at his partner and sees crimson red eyes.

Recruit #3
Ummm...Mr. Johnson?

Randall inspects the zombie's mouth, he notices a drop of fresh blood roll down her chin.

Ervin, we might have a problem here.
The Creepy Recruit BURSTS forward onto his partner (Recruit #3), he's violent.

Bashing at him with his fists like a rampaging ape, his violence is primal. He tears into his arm with his teeth, the commotion causes everyone to jump back. In the confusion they back up into Randall and Rooney and fall over, the chained zombie is released accidentally and immediately starts attacking and biting people. The room is in total chaos.

Ervin's eyes dart across the room as violence erupts around him.


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