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Monday, May 19, 2014

Tom's Writing A Romantic Something

I was going to spice up this page with a drawing of a guy sitting on the couch just like I describe in this post but as it turns out drawing is hard. I suck at it, I can't make anything look like anything. I can't even draw cartoon faces well. Anyway, back to my story.


Andy is sitting alone on the couch of a sparsely decorated apartment, one leg flung over the back of the couch, one stretched out over top of the coffee table. He's laying back like a gross shlub and watching TMZ. Outside his window you can hear the sounds of laughter and fun, more sociable people having a night out with friends. Andy stares unmoving at the screen.

NARRATOR/ANDY: How gross is it that this is how I spent most Saturday nights? How gross is it that this is how I WANTED to spend my Saturday nights?

Andy's phone buzzes, someone's calling him. He lets it ring for a while before finally giving in and answering it. The sounds of music and muffled shouting burst through the earpiece.




Why where are you?

What club?

Andy's eyebrows furl.

Uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I don't think
I can make it. I am busy right now.

No I can't, I am just heading out to meet mt friend. 


Well I'll tell you what, I have to run and meet my friend right now but I'll ask him if he wants to go. It depends on what he says. I gotta go.

I gotta GO! I am getting onto the elevator, I gotta go.

Andy hangs up the phone and lays back down on the couch. 

NARRATOR/ANDY: The thing about falling into a rut is that you don't "fall" into them, you go willingly. You settle into a rut and make yourself comfortable, the sick part is that you don't mind it. You can sense life zipping past you but you can't seem to care until you finally see something you want bad enough to chase after it.

Andy's phone buzzes again, he glances at his phone. His eye's perk up slightly.

"New Tinder match"

Andy opens the app and see's Cassie. She's cute. Andy quickly types out a hello message, something simple. He lays back down and forgets about it, not expecting a response.

His phone buzzes again.

"Cassie sent you a new message"

NARRATOR/ANDY: Enter Cassie. My Roadrunner.


So one again, I am pretty much directionless as I write this, I'll figure out what this is or where it's going along the way. 


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