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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Killrazor Experiment: An experiment to see if I can get one of the coolest but most obscure characters in comic book history into the mainstream by teaching the internet about him.


I want to introduce you guys to an obscure character from an obscure comic called Codename Strykeforce by Image Comics, he's got the sleekest costume, the coolest power and he never talks. His name is Killrazor and he can punch huge razors out of any part of his body, ANY part of his body. There's no limit to how many Razors he can pop out at a time; so does that make him cooler than Wolverine? Well...it's hard to ignore the math. My point is this...


Yes. He's a ninja. Obviously, and like most ninja's he adheres to a strict code of silence. The man has only ever made a noise once in his life and it was after eating some very spicy food. That's not a joke either, I remember that being specifically stated in one of the issues. He never talks; so now all of a sudden he's like Snake Eyes from GI Joe if Snake Eyes could PUNCH HUGE RAZORS OUT OF ANY PART OF HIS BODY.

Here he is showing you all that he's cooler than this other 'claw' guy named Ripclaw (pffffffttt).

I remember that issue, Ripclaw was trying to impress KR with how long he can make his claws stretch. Without saying a word Killrazor says "F**k your claws" and "You're making as asshole out of yourself".


I'd tell you a lot more about his origin but it wasn't explored in depth, he has a wiki-page you can visit ( http://www.comicvine.com/killrazor/29-21927/) you'll notice it's lacking. He only made a handful of appearances but each one of them gave us picture that hits our eyes like a shot of whiskey hits our mouths.

One other area where he separates himself from Wolverine is that it hurts him to pop his Razors out, each time comes with a painful cost.

Really, what help were the neck Razors with those arrows?

The only thing uglier and more disgusting than his scarred up body is his gingery red hair.

Kill F'N Razor



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