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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Building Towards an Ending - Darcy's About To Meet A Seamonster. Guys I just really want to get this horror script done.

I am still considering what my monster is going to look like.
Why not Zoidberg!

I wrote most of this while being actively engaged in a conversation with someone WHO WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS ME and with the tv was blaring. In that respect this is the most impressive post I've ever written while at the same time marking one of the rudest things I've ever done. BTW this site has an annoying habit of causing font size problems, sorry.

Here's the story up until now: Lurking

cont'd -

Darcy and her boat are hit hard by something under the water, she can't believe it. She thought she left this horror behind. She's slammed again. Darcy gets back to her feet. She's hurt, she reaches into her waistband and makes sure she still has her flare gun. Darcy runs to the wheel trying to steer away, it’s an act of desperation; she has no idea where the creature is. She's slammed again and knocked to the ground. From the ground she sees her sail come loose, it splashes down; half of it falling into the water. The ropes from the sail fly everywhere, some splashing down into the water. 

Darcy rushes to fix it, it’s incredibly dark and she struggles to repair the sail. Darcy finds her flashlight and shines it on the tangled rigging. Suddenly the rigging starts unwinding into the water, something has grabbed a hold of the ropes and is pulling downward on them, deep into the sea. Darcy knows that when those ropes loose all their slack her boat is going to take a hell of a jolt. She runs to the stern, tripping over and getting caught up in the rapidly unraveling ropes on her way there, she clings to the side and braces for the worst.

With a violent jolt the boat snaps downwards, the bow of the ship yanked downwards towards the water. The Stern of the boat actually lifts into the air, higher and higher. For a second Darcy actually thinks her whole boat might be pulled into the sea. The ropes finally snap and send the boat crashing back to the water, the damage to the boat is enormous. The entire mast has snapped in half and the boat is dead in the water. Darcy can’t stand up, she’s been badly battered by the fall.

Looking out to the water Darcy can see something streaking towards her boat. There's nothing she can do now, she can't get away. She's going to come face to face with this monster very soon.


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