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Sunday, November 4, 2012


This 'House Arrested' script is killing me. Its such a good, simple and easy to shoot idea (click here) I feel like I need to see it through but its so much easier for me to write when I have an idea of who'll be in it. I usually write around actors I know and in this case I have no one in mind.

I know I want one cop who the housemates can manipulate

I know I want one hothead, one smooth criminal type and definitely one weird psycho

and that's it. Actually is that it? Do I want more characters than that? I can always have background people in the house so it seems full of occupants at any given time but I can just focus on my few main characters.

Hmmmm...maybe I should add a woman. How would she fit? I could also use one guy who doesn't belong there. Someone who's actually innocent and is completely out of place in this world.

I found this by searching "really white guy"

Sorry guys I am literally just typing everything I think, this is pure stream of thought. This is me slowly trying to work out a script that gets the movie projector in my head rolling. Once I come up with a cast I like I'll naturally start daydreaming about it and that's where I need to get.

Getting there.

-Thomas Holler

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