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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A movie about a drugged up soldier fighting Nazi's who thinks he's a noble swordsman fighting wizards and goblins. The results the same, he mashes them all up.

the Devil's Brigade: Special Forces' specialist Jack Darrow and his Devil's Brigade team has been captured by Nazi forces and taken to a secret compound. While the others wait in cells the German doctors try an experiment on Jack, they administer a heavy dose of a new Lysergic acid diethylamide gas that causes powerful hallucinations and madness. The experimental gas has a profound effect on Jack who completely loses his identity and grip on reality. Convinced he was captured by wizards of the 'Dark Empire' from a fictional land he summons up the might of the Ancient Gods to guide him on his quest to break free of his mystical shackles and lead his tribe of warriors out of the Cave of Doom. Completely out of his mind the confused Sergent cuts a swath through the ranks while his freed friend's try to navigate his delusions and keep him alive.

Basically what I am going for here is an action/comedy where we get two different movies that come together. Jack Darrow is living 'the Hobbit' when every other character is living 'Inglorious Basterds'. He's running around holding a gun like a sword and hitting people with it, he'll think he's fighting a giant dragon when in reality he's attacking a tank, he thinks the Nazi's are orcs and wizards and sees his friends as noble knights. He's still trashing the army base, he just thinks he's doing something else.

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