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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Some things I saved from my childhood

There are two drawers I've had since I was a kid. I kept all my sentimental mementos in there.

Here are the things young Thomas considered worth holding onto.

Shoppers Drugmart 1994 Bluejays Calendar. Autographed by Tim Crabtree.
Who? Tim Crabtree. Who? Tim Crabtree.
Shoppers Drugmart 1994 Bluejays Calendar defaced by Tim Crabtree

The entire set of Youngblood cards, in order.

A Jays ticket and Playbooks from 93 and 94

The PACKAGES that my cards came in

Ahhh, here we go. A letter to myself from March/29/1993

"Dear TomQualities I like about myself are:
I am good at baseball
I am a good friend
I am good at hockey
I am good at sports
I am a good student
I am funny
I am nice
I am not stupid like Dylan Ostipick
I am alive
I love animals
I don't smell
I am not cheap
I am good at science
I have good aim
I am not chicken
I like sports
I can watch horror movies without..."

Peeing my pants


I remember the assignment being to fill up two pages and to me that counted.

F**k she was hot. I saw this movie just for her boobies.

Remember that Lando toy that got discontinued because the packaging was too bulky?
I bought it BECAUSE it got discontinued because of the packaging being too bulky.

I wrote the troops in Iraq once during Desert Storm. He wrote back.
Apparently all young Tom asked him was if he watched hockey and if he'd seen
Ace Ventura and Jurassic Park.

A handwritten script I'd totally forgotten about.
I might post it later.

A typed script about a group of suburban people who form a gang because they can't find jobs.

Those Spider-man and X-Men stickers that came in gum.

Inflatable Sky Dome blimp still in the package

Devon White shirt pin

And lots and lots of cards.

And I found some caps. Little strips of gunpowder from when children were men and played with fire.

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