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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trying out the Blogger app

Chances are if I am going to keep this up everyday I am going to need to be able to do it on my phone, let's try this. BTW I love the name I got for this blog, APEday. APE!

Ok, so at the moment there are two short scripts I need to get writing.

The first is for an episode of something pre-existing called D.O.P.E.

Department Of Paranormal Events - Rooney, Ervin and Randall are contracted workers for the government run department tasked with paranormal maintenance. They fight ghosts and do paperwork and get paid shitty.

The other is called Untitled Gang Show for now.

When middle class people across the country lose their jobs and their savings; a group of them throw in the towel and decide to start a gang. They aren't savvy, tough, intimidating or smart but they're doing it.

I'll decide which one to start tomorrow and get my pages going.


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