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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So to start I'll be writing a script for a series called DOPE. The director is interested in backlogging scripts so I am going to write a few and have first drafts of them ready to go. This is most likely going to be used for the web so the scripts will be about...ohhh...15 pages maybe.

Here's the breakdown of what DOPE is.

D.O.P.E. (Department of Paranormal Events). I supposed the best way to
pitch this idea to you is to ask you to picture the world in which the
Ghostbusters movies took place. Those movies took place in the 1980's
and after all the Marshmallow Men, giant walls of slime and walking
Statue's of Liberty it would be hard for anyone in that world to
really doubt the existence of ghosts. If we were to look in on that
world now it's easy to imagine ghostbusting becoming commonplace,
ghostbusters would be as common as exterminators. It would be a job
akin to rodent removal or even the search and removal of toxic mold.
Despite the excitement of it; It would become a low paying,
unglamorous, heavily regulated, low level job for the City's Public
Health Department.

That's the type of world in which this show takes place, ghost removal

is necessary, government funded and blue collar. The Department of
Paranormal Events is a concept that combines comedy and fright and
allows for a broad forum where any number of scenario's can occur. The
show focus's on a team of three characters who are given assignments
by their contemptuous boss where they're to head out to a different
haunted house each week and remove whatever ghost or monster is
causing the problem. At the heart of the show it's a workplace comedy
about three people who are stuck in low paying, thankless jobs where
they're put at risk everyday and the struggle to get through it all
while battling specters, goblins, zombies and poltergeist. It's a show
that will pride itself on big laughs through exciting and thrilling
half hour adventures.

Yup. They have ghost guns called 'Ionic Poppers' that basically make ghosts (and zombies) explode.

APE - That counts as my page.

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